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What potential new Derby County owners have said

It has now been almost 6 weeks since Derby County entered in to administration.

Quantuma, who are the company that have been appointed said they have confidence in finding a buyer for the club despite an outstanding HMRC bill believed to be around £28 million.

They are also hopeful that this can be achieved without having to have a fire sale of players in January.

Before Derby County’s last home game pictures emerged of a group of official looking men being shown around the ground by Stephen Pearce and they were also seen chatting to manager Wayne Rooney.

One person that was identified was former Manchester City CEO Garry Cook.

BAWT reached out to Garry Cook and we received the following response -

He is continuing to try to find a solution for Derby County FC, but is not in a position to give any details currently due to a NDA in place.

The national media has also given out the names of other interested parties. one being Carlisle Capital, an American based private investment firm.

BAWT reached out to Colin Binnie the Vice President of the company and he responded with the following -

”Its great to know people like yourselves continue to be so dedicated to a fantastic football club. Given the confidentiality restraints, there is not much information I can share. However, I can say that Carlisle Capital remains interested but is also actively pursuing other opportunities.”

Former Chairman Andy Appleby has also been said to be interested in reacquiring the club and he confirmed this in his response to BAWT -

“Yes- we are looking into how to save DCFC.  Not sure yet exactly what is necessary, but I would like to personally save our great club.”

It sounds promising that our club could be saved from liquidation. BAWT will continue to try and update fans when possible.

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