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Questions for Quantuma, Kirchner and Derby City Council.

Whilst today's news is a very welcome step forward for Derby County Football Club, many questions remain & numerous hurdles still have to be overcome.

Here are the key issues Derby County fans need to look out for updates on. We will put these plus any others to Quantuma.

For Quantuma/CK.

*Has CK been required to pay a non-refundable deposit and what is the impact on short-term cash flow?

*Based on the offer accepted, what is proposed regarding creditor dividends?

*What is the latest HMRC position re preferred creditor status? Football Creditor challenge?

*Does the offer allow all EFL insolvency criteria to be met?

*If not, what is the EFL's stance on further points deductions? How does this fit with CK's position?

*Is the proposed exit route a CVA or a Restructuring Plan?

*What is the proposed timetable for completing the transaction?

*Is the offer for the club conditional on Derby CC owning the stadium, or will CK consider leasing from MM (or any other party who might buy it)?

*What is the proposed corporate structure for the purchase? Who will own the ultimate parent & who will the Directors be?

*Who will hold the key executive positions within the club?

*What is the football strategy (12-36 month plan).

For Derby CC

*What is the proposed mechanism for purchasing PPS?

*Does it require a vote of the full council?

*How quickly can the funding pot be accessed? How long do they anticipate the entire transaction taking?

*Do they intend to charge market rent, a peppercorn rent, or something in between?

*Will the club have an option to buy?

*Will the stadium have to be made available for community use?

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