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Open letter to Mel Morris

Dear Mr Morris,

You told us many times over many years that you were a fan of our club, Derby County. Therefore, we assume you felt the pain all Rams fans felt yesterday when the club was finally relegated to the third tier for the first time in nearly 40 years – despite the super-human efforts of Wayne Rooney, his staff, the players and all who remain involved with the club through the most difficult period in the club’s history.

Black and White Together does not hide from the fact that we lay the responsibility for the current state of the club squarely at your door. It happened on your watch, you were the ultimate decision maker in all things to do with the club, and therefore you are responsible. However, earlier this month, a light emerged at the end of the tunnel when Chris Kirchner emerged as the preferred bidder for the club.

The proof of his plans, as you know only too well, will come in enacting his plans rather than just talking about them, but he has provided fans with hope the club will bounce back after fearing at times this season we may no longer have a club to support.

With the preferred bidder ready to move forwards with buying the club, the only hurdle we can see that remains is your ownership of the ground. We therefore urge you to find the same spirit you found to step in and resolve the issues with Steve Gibson and remove any roadblocks for the sale of Pride Park. As fans, we don’t mind whether you sell to Derby City Council or the preferred bidder, but we want it to happen swiftly and smoothly, and we know you are the key catalyst to making the sale happen in such a way.

History won’t look kindly on your tenure at Derby County, but if the sale of the stadium causes any further damage to the club, it will look even worse. We therefore appeal to you, fans to fan, to please ensure the sale of the stadium, and ultimately therefore the club, goes through as soon as possible.

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Ivan Harrison
Ivan Harrison
Apr 20, 2022

In the end M M is a businessman and will look at the release of the club from a business perspective and not sentiment. I am keen to have the ground back in the ownership of the club but that will happen when the buyer and the seller agree a cost they are happy with and nothing else. We all have opinions on the situation and the separation of the ground by M M from the club is one I do not like. However it is done and M M is not likely to give away millions because of a sentimental letter addressed to him


Danny Potter
Danny Potter
Apr 19, 2022

Exceptionally well said!

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