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Open Letter to Mel Morris

4th February 2022

Dear Mr. Morris,

We are writing to you today on behalf of all fans of Derby County to ask if you can please do all you can within your power to help resolve the current impasse which we understand to be stopping the club from exiting administration and potentially threatening the future of our historic club.

As fans, we are doing all we can to stay positive, but, nearly five months after you put the club into administration, frustration is growing at the lack of progress, as is fear for the very existence of the club. This is affecting the mental health of employees, fans, and those connected to them in many cases too, who genuinely don't know what their future might be.

From the statements we have seen from the EFL and Middlesbrough Football Club, it appears the latter's issue is more with you than Derby County Football Club as such. In Middlesbrough's first statement, it referred to you making money from Pride Park, and in its second it referred to the sale and leaseback of Pride Park, previously found to be within the EFL's rules. We, therefore, believe you have the power to cut through much of the current arguing, speak to Middlesbrough and deal with the issues it has, and allow Derby County to move forward with a new chapter in its existence.

We ask that you Mel Morris, a self-professed fan of Derby County:

1. Publicly confirm that you are willing to sell Pride Park Stadium to Quantuma's preferred bidder for no more than the amount of debt owed to MSD?

2. Go one step further and announce that you will personally contribute to a proportion of the MSD debt

3. Given we are sure you feel like all Derby County fans and many football fans that, irrespective of how the EFL see the status of their claims, the potential for the claims winning is minimal, indemnify any new owner of Derby County against any losses arising from these cases if the cases go to court and a verdict is reached.

4. Speak publicly and apologize to Derby County fans for the stress and strain this has had on the lives of innocent people - people who just want to support the club they love, that generations before them have and that hopefully many generations to come will be able to.

Best Regards,

Black and White Together

Derby County Disabled Supporters Club

Derby County Supporters Club

Nick Webster

The Derby County Collection

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