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Full minutes - SCG Meeting with David Clowes and Stephen Pearce 22.09.22

Present: DCFC - David Clowes, Stephen Pearce, Punjabi Rams, DCFC Disabled Supporters Club, Lucy Oram, RamsTrust, DCFC Supporters Club, Black and White Together, Derby County Collection, Nick Webster, RamsActive.

The club has been reviewing and assessing the managerial position since David Clowes took over and Liam Rosenior has been fantastic. They have a great relationship. The club has a duty of care towards Liam's career as someone taking his first steps in managing and what might happen to Liam if it didn't work out played a part in the decision.

Paul Warne brings experience and now is his time for a big job at a big club. Other clubs were after him, both those with and those without a manager currently. David Clowes liked how he treats players, and journalists, encouraging everyone to get the best out of themselves.

There is nothing to read into the title of Head Coach – there is no plan for Technical

Director/Director of Football – it is just commensurate with Head of Recruitment, and Head of Academy, which they will move their focus to now. They see these three roles as working as a team.

Paul Warne spoke to the players on Wednesday evening and will do the press next Tuesday.

With regards to the players we signed and his style, Paul is adaptable, but he was after some of our players in the summer. His teams are running teams and he is happy with the players he has. 

David Clowes will speak to Liam and other coaching staff on Monday when they return from a short break, but they were aware of the situation before DCFC approached Rotherham to speak to Paul Warne.

The club is well within the business plan agreed with the EFL, so there is a buffer. They sent the EFL the recruitment strategy, by player and position, and all were signed off, no problem. It is a two-year plan, with a review after 12 months, but we can’t currently spend transfer fees or loan fees.

The plan was done in a worst-case scenario., so season ticket sales coming in over the figure in the business plan really helped.

The club is now debt free.

Two sell-on clauses were sold for short-term cash during administration, but others remain.

The first accounting year will end on 30th June 2023, so filed by March 2024.

The club will look into a non-Away member Season Ticket holder category after away members and before the general sale for away tickets.

They will look at Roadriders again, but once the cost of hiring a bus, putting a steward on them, and some covid restrictions still are factored in, it is likely to still be prohibitive.

They will also look at the possibility of beam backs for sold-out away games.

The club now has a very good relationship with the EFL and other clubs, including Wycombe,

Middlesbrough, and Rotherham.

The Yard is now open again on matchdays. They are looking at projects for the Back Yard in the close season.

Stephen Pearce has a point to prove. If everything he was accused of was true, the administrators or the due diligence of bidders would have found something. He wants to take the club forwards.

The board will expand in the next 12-18 months, but a new chair will be appointed soon.

David Clowes said he is categorically not looking to flip the club.

The club is researching a Shadow Board. They have spoken to Joe Blott, of Spirit of Shankly, the only one in place currently. The club will circulate details, but the idea is the responsibility of the club to a Shadow Board would be written into the Articles of Association.

There is a change in culture in the club, and David Clowes wants to be open and transparent within the limits of running a business.

It was commented the club is losing money due to a lack of staff at concessions. The club has longer-term plans but acknowledges short-term improvements can be made. The Bristol City model was mentioned as an example.

Re safe standing- the club met with the safety advisory group and the Sports Ground Safety

Authority. The rake is a concern, but are pricing up the potential phased equivalent of safe standing. Not railed seating but barriers. The top 9-10 rows in the south stand and away area are the difficult areas, but the club wants to be an early adopter.

The club wants the sponsorship to match the new culture, keen not to have betting or crypto on the front of shirts. If not, they could have had it done weeks ago. But they also don't want to devalue the shirt for next or future seasons, so better to go no sponsor, if so. But the club has decided to go with a national charity to protect the value of the brand. However, it could be that the club asks for funds raised to be used locally.

They are also discussing the logistics of having the option to buy a sponsorship logo for replica shirts, like a number or player's name, with the possibility of the part going to the charity.

With regards to the stadium, there is a long capital expenditure list, which the club will be working through in order of priority over the next 18 months.

DCCT and DCFC Women have separate boards of Trustees, but the club is trying to bring them closer. DCFC Women have been training on Tuesday and Thursday nights at Moor Farm, but changing rooms is difficult. But now the club is making a dedicated women's hub for sole use, branding, etc. Good for board meetings, analysis, and with dedicated changing facility too. It will be finished in a couple of weeks. They will continue to play at Mickleover.

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totally agree @daclarke46 , would love to keep Liam at the club

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All sounds positive though hope something will be done to reward the loyalty of Liam and his coaching staff. Would be nice to keep him on, but cannot think in what rôle.

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Risposta a

Liam could work as Warne's assistant. No-one better to learn from. He would still be involved with the first team too. Cannot risk Liam "learning on the job" alone and DCFC failing to get promoted. A tough but fair decision from David Clowes. The interests of DCFC have to come above everything else. Clowes handled a tricky situation very well. He seems to be transparent about most things, unlike Mel.

It's good to read the minutes of the SCG Meeting and actually get an idea of what is going on with our Club, rather than the crap clickbait articles from Derbyshire Live. Clowes has a long "to-do" list. Another thing he could look to do is buy dcfc .COM. It's…

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