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DCFC + Supporters Charter Group - Government White Paper - March 2023

The Club and the Supporters Charter Group (SCG) have held discussions over the

implications of the recently published Government White Paper and the implementation of

a ‘shadow board’ in line with the recommendations of the White Paper.

Whilst looking at what role any ‘shadow board’ may perform and any possible remit it may

have, it was also discussed and agreed that there would be a need for two separate

supporter-led groups, running in parallel, in broad terms these being:

1. A Supporters Board which will be centered on the governance of the club and would

have the power of veto over cultural issues such as a change in club colours, a move

away from Pride Park, significant changes to the Club crest, any decision to join a

breakaway league and the Club’s corporate social responsibility. It would regularly

meet with the Club’s board to discuss financial matters, kit design, and sponsorship

principles. The board would have no input into footballing matters or the Club’s daily operation.

2. A chamber similar in operation to the existing Supporters Charter Group which

would have no governance responsibility but would consult on any significant

changes to matchday arrangements and experience, ticketing, travel issues,

supporter events, DCFC history and tradition, and the continued liaison with the

wider supporter base as its first port of call.

Both bodies would carry equal weight and would report to each other at an agreed time


At this stage, there have been NO firm discussions as to the makeup of the respective

bodies or who would be represented, save for the fact that both the Club and the SCG are

committed to an open and transparent election process.

It was agreed that the next step is for the SCG to consult with the Football Supporters

Association (FSA) and to agree on a timeline to move forward and to also discuss and agree

on how both bodies might be structured. These discussions may involve DCFC representation,

depending on the advice of the FSA.

Please be assured that no action other than the FSA consultation will be undertaken until

there has been widespread discussion and consultation with a wider fan base as is possible

and its approval has been sought and granted.

Further discussions between the Club and SCG will take place after the FSA consultation and

the results of those talks will be published on DCFC and SCG channels.

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