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Black & White Together Statement 04/03/21

BAWT welcomes the news that DCFC is seemingly funded until the end of the season. However, we would like clarity on how this has been achieved, as we are concerned this may have increased the club's debt further, making a sale less attractive to interested parties. We urge Quantuma to clarify this.

We are very concerned by the EFL's comments that significant hurdles still remain. What are they? Has the Middlesbrough issue definitely been resolved? Has Wycombe agreed on a resolution? Are there other issues?

On 11th Feb, Andrew Hosking told Radio Derby that he expected to be in a position to announce a preferred bidder "within the region of the next 10 days". It is now 21 days since that comment. Not for the first time, Quantuma appear to have overpromised and underdelivered. Why are they repeatedly underestimating the challenges?

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Quantuma are a fucking shit show with fucking shysters in charge. These clowns are cut from the same cloth that fucking crook Morris is cut from, who in turn are built from the same DNA as those complete fucking halfwits at the EFL. Fuck the lot of them, selfish pricks who collectively make up the worst businessmen in the country. Fucking arseholes.

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